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Sustainability and social responsibility are two fundamental values for Hidrofer. An active environmentally conscious policy creates value and is a duty of a socially responsible company.

We promote the best practices in this area and are in favour of a strong environmentally aware culture that is present throughout the value chain. All the participants in this process have training and the required expertise to ensure our compliance with all the standards of quality and environment sustainability.

We work every day to continuously improve our sustainable environmental performance, especially in the detection and prevention of sources of pollution to reduce its impact on biodiversity as a result of our economic activity, always seeking to find a healthy balance in this area.

We ensure strict compliance with all the legislation applicable to our business sector as well as with the commitments we made locally with organizations that seek to protect and conserve the environment.


In a world where change is increasingly rapid, we are at the forefront in the use of new technology in our production processes which leads to greater safety and to the better quality of our products.

The implementation of information technologies in the production management system allows Hidrofer to efficiently manage the entire production process in real time which contributes to higher productivity and to the maximum and efficient use of resources that allow the company to gain a competitive advantage over our competitors.


At Hidrofer we only work with suppliers that have been duly certified by international organizations. We have as our primary goal to transmit to our clients the confidence of possessing a technical quality of excellence.

Working closely with clients, employees, consumers and suppliers in the processes of research, new product development and production management, enables the implementation of actions for continuous improvement in the quality management process.
Hidrofer is certified by APCER with the standards: ISO 9001 (Quality management systems), ISO 13485 (Medical products), ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems), EC certificate for medical products and certificate FSC.